Irish Linen Guild


The Irish Linen Industry’s reputation is not based solely on its well known brand, there is substance to it as well. Irish linen’s quality is based on exacting manufacturing standards, and the experience of its people and companies. The Irish linen industry is proud of its long heritage, but the companies still operating today have been quick to embrace new technology giving them the flexibility and speed required to service increasingly demanding world fashion, interior design and textile markets. Today design, weaving, bleaching/dyeing/printing, confection/making-up and finishing are the mainstay of the Irish linen industry. The main fabrics currently being woven are quality plain linens, and Jacquard woven fabrics, for niche, top end of the market, fashion uses. As well as luxurious linen damasks for the top end of the interior and household markets, and plain linens for bedding. The companies continuing to weave in Ireland cannot compete on price with low cost countries and tend to concentrate on the quality end of the market. Damask weaving is moving towards the weaving of specials and custom pieces, made to the customers’ own individual requirements. Jacquard woven fashion fabrics are also are being woven in unique and innovative designs, with realistic minimums, to set apart fashion designers with their own distinct and individual designs. Through concentrating on the upper end of the market, and through the supply and design of quality Irish made, Irish linen branded, products these companies work to compete with mass produced linens from low cost countries. Fabric that is woven outside Ireland and brought to Ireland to be bleached/dyed and finished cannot carry the Irish Linen Guild logo, which signifies genuine Irish Linen. A list of the member company logos can be seen below. For fashion and apparel linen inquiries please contact: Baird McNutt, John England, Emblem Weavers, Spence Bryson or William Clark. For household Irish linens, such as damask table linen, bed linen, or kitchen linens please contact: Thomas Ferguson or Samuel Lamont.