Irish Linen Guild


Irish Linen


The Irish Linen Guild’s main concern is with yarns and fabrics made in Ireland from flax. Founded in 1928, the Guild is the official promotional organisation of the Irish Linen industry. The Irish Linen Guild is the global authority on Irish linen and the owner of the Irish Linen Guild trademark.

The modern industry is pleased it can work with a sustainable fibre such as flax, and is proud of the linen fabrics it can weave from it.

Our Role

The Guild’s main role is to promote and protect the good name of the Irish Linen brand in national and international markets through the Guild website, to provide a focal point for the industry, and to provide a networking opportunity for our members.

Our promotional activities seek to emphasise the sustainability of the flax fibre, and to promote the distinctive quality of Irish linen. The Guild also aims to raise awareness of the marketing and practical advantages, as well as the cachet its use can bring to our customers, or their businesses.

The Irish Linen Guild does not buy or sell linen in its own right, nor does it issue samples or swatches. However, the Guild can help identify the most appropriate member for different types and end uses of linen.

Brand Trademark

The Irish Linen brand’s trademark is the focus of all promotional activities. It can only be used to mark genuine Irish linen products such as linen yarn, which is spun in Ireland, and linen fabrics woven in Ireland by members of the Guild. Products made from genuine Irish woven fabric, such as garments or table linens, can be labelled ‘Irish Linen’ although sometimes the made up item may have been assembled elsewhere. The term Irish linen refers to the constituent fabric.

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