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William Clark

William Clark & Son’s story begins almost three hundred years ago.

When a chance ride, to the area we know today as Upperlands led to the discovery of a small river. An innovator, Jackson Clark saw the river for the opportunity it was- the ideal location for a waterwheel. With a waterwheel installed Jackson could power a new machine known as a beetling engine. Changing the face of linen for good.

Clarks became renowned around the world for their beetled linen. Gaining reputation with the sheen and texture developed by hours of pounding the fabric repeatedly under great wooden blocks. As the last authentic beetlers in the world our fabric is still highly sought by merchants across the globe to this day.

We have continued to develop our expertise of the textile industry over the last two centuries. Expanding our capabilities into a wide range of natural and synthetic fibres and our reach to all corners of the world.

Always curious, the pioneering spirit that founded the brand is still at work. Today we work with furnishers, decorators and fashion designers to users of traditional linen fabric or innovative industrial and technical fabric. Using 300 years’ worth of innovation to meet the shifting needs of every customer.

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