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Thomas Ferguson

Situated in Banbridge, N. Ireland the Company bears the name of the founder Thomas Ferguson (1820-1900).

Thomas Ferguson & Co Ltd. has been weaving linen for over 160 years. Generations of expertise and know-how, combined with modern state-of-the-art design and sampling departments, gives us a great deal of flexibility to meet the needs of our customers.

Thomas Ferguson fabrics have many end uses from fashion, apparel, bed linen, table linen, industrial applications,  etc.

History of brand/company

Thomas Ferguson is synonymous with high quality linen and is widely acknowledged to be one of the finest linen Jacquard weavers in the world. This reputation for quality has been developed through many generations of dedication and skill and owes much to the Company’s rich heritage. Founded in 1854 by Thomas Ferguson, an already established linen weaver, the Company has been weaving Irish Linen since the mid 19th century.

What we do – World class Jacquard weavers

Thomas Ferguson’s core business is as a Jacquard and plain fabric weaver.

Ferguson’s can weave Jacquard fabrics up to 3 metres wide (finished), and plain fabrics just over 3 metres wide (finished).

Ferguson’s supply greige fabric either straight off the loom- (loom-state), or it can be bleached, dyed and finished, Sanforized, or have a washed preshrunk and softened finish.

The standard warp used is 100% linen (from flax). However, cotton warps can be used if the minimum order is over 1000 metres.

For weft linen is the main yarn used, however cotton, wool, alpaca, and various other fibres can be used on request.

The Company specialises in undertaking commission orders and providing bespoke services which involves weaving linen, tailored specifically to meet individual customer requirements. Almost all our products can be branded or personalised in some way. This may involve in-woven cresting, an embroidered logo, company name woven into a tea towel, a coat of arms on a guest towel, your own design or a special size. Our skilled design team use extremely advanced technology, which is perfectly set up to handle short runs e.g. one crested tablecloth or a set of specifically designed napkins.

Where you can see our fabrics/ brands/designers working with our material

Thomas Ferguson fabrics can be bought directly from the weaving mill, or from our secure online shop, and made up items can be bought through a number of major retailers in the UK and Ireland.

Thomas Ferguson fabrics is used around the world in the very best hotels, embassies, royal and stately homes, super-yachts, top restaurants, by interior designers, and fashion designers, theatrical costumes, and in top retailers.

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