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Contemporary, leading edge fabric designers and Irish linen weavers. John England (Banbridge) Ltd. have provided fine Irish Linens and linen blends since the early 1960’s.   The Company has its own in-house weaving, design, laundry and fabric experts.  John England is a brand you can trust.


History of the brand/company

The John England brand dates back over 50 years. It is synonymous throughout the world for superbly designed and crafted linens; that are spot on-trend.  It’s not only the more established fashioned designers that use our services, but also some of the new up-and-coming. They will be the big names of the future.

John England is a sister company of Thomas Ferguson.


What we do? – Unique custom fabrics

The Company supplies worldwide mostly wholesale linen and linen blend fabrics for fashion, apparel, curtaining, upholstery, printing, handkerchiefs, table linen, bed-linen, theatrical costumes, etc.

The strength of the company is the ability to offer quickly from stock, a range of quality on-trend linens at very competitive prices and reasonable minimum order levels. With a personal service.

The Company hold a stock of dyed fabrics in our more popular lines, and we have a weaving factory on our premises where we can weave special custom fabrics or unique Jacquard designs up to 3 metres in width. John England can also dye fabric to the customers requirements. We have an in-house laundry and can supply all our fabrics preshrunk and softened (washed) in our local soft waters.



As an Irish linen weaver the Company has supplied innovative linens to fashion and interior designers for almost half a century, and now has a thriving theatricals department, offering costume designers unique affordable theatrical fabrics for movie, television, opera and theatre productions.

All our designs woven on Jacquard looms are unique trendsetting designs. They cannot be bought elsewhere. Competitors who try to copy us are copying old designs. We do not stand still and constantly produce new creations often inspired by things we see in the world around us. We find it is often very interesting for customers to hear the story behind each design.

Customers often also want their own designs woven.

The John England wash finish for linens is one of the best on the market; softened in our local soft waters which flow from the granite mountains, and leave the fabrics preshrunk.


John England Theatrical Linens

John England Theatrical Linens is a division of John England. The division focuses on the supply of custom-made and stock unique fabrics to the theatre, opera, film/movie and TV industries. John England has been the supplier of preference for costume and set design linens for many years. We specialise in the supply of movie fabrics to film productions. Our fabrics have graced the screen in many high-profile films and TV programmes, as well as stage productions. Our designers can work with you to come up with the fabrics you want. These linens can be used for all aspects of a production, from costumes to props.


Where you can see our fabrics/ brands/designers working with our material

John England offers wholesale linens to retailers, fashion designers and apparel manufacturers, as well as interior designers, home furnishing manufacturers, film, theatre, and operatic companies, etc.

The fabrics are available direct from the factory.

Call us and challenge one of our linen experts to find you your perfect fabric.


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